Welcome to h4ck.in/g/

What is a hacker?

If you blindly follow the bullshit that the press feeds it's ignorant followers, then the hacker clan would be limited to socially awkward keyboard warriors. The kind of nocturnal singletons that spend their free time committing electronic theft from the comfort of the basement while their peers are out living life.

Sadly life doesn't fit nicely into stereotypical pigeon-holes; hackers are normal people who go about their normal lives legally. But who cares about the correct usage of such terms when most technology reporters are not computer experts and the general populous prefers their 'news' is lazy bite-sized chunks? Who cares that hackers just broadly means anyone who adapts technology?

H4ck.in/g is a refuge for those who define themselves as a hacker in the truest sense. It is a place for exchanging ideas, reading articles of interest and (hopefully) learning a few new tricks as well. It's a place for discussions on security, programming or just science and technology in the broadest sense, however it is not a forum for attention deprived script kiddies to copy and paste illegal techniques.

I hope that one day h4ck.in/g will grow into a community for like minded peers - and one which is open with ideas and contributions yet offers it's members the privacy that many would desire from an open web (as perverse as that statement might read). There's still a lot of development work I need to do before I reach that stage (not least of all the ability for you guys to sign up and leave comments). However, for now, I welcome you to the alpha site and politely request that you keep coming back over the next few weeks as code evolves and the APIs stabilise.